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A call came in recently from a woman who helps people get things done. She is a professional, personal concierge. Her client ordered her to locate house painters. She had to get three quotes and one of them had to come from a Black woman- owned business able to do jobs in the Boston area.

So she arrived at Black-owned business directory. “I ended up searching all over the internet and came across Black-owned companies who made things like jewelry, fashion and gifts but that’s not the type of companies I wanted,” she said. “I was running out of time so when I saw that I could just tell somebody at your site what I wanted, that’s what I decided to do,” She said.

That’s right. We want to be found by people looking for plumbers, painters, electricians, fence installers and the trades that make their money in the suburbs visiting houses while most people are at work in an office dive where. We identify with the trades because for years we fixed computer problems in offices and homes. Digital Plumbers we called ourselves.

“Everybody needs a good digital plumber”was the motto on the wall along with “we fix it, sell it, rent it and explain it. explain it.”

Those were the days when we had to go get every opportunity. Over time we became a “go to” in the industry but we never cut the advertising spend completely. We had to be Visible. We had to be seen to get new customers and okd ones too,

We give the trades opportunities from people ready to buy right now. We gather a broad range of Request for Quotes from homeowners, business people and procurement officials seeking MBEs. These items are for all kinds of specialties from Accountants to Telecommunications ( A to Z ).

I don’t think many trade shops use their websites to make themselves visible. They don’t shoe up when people are Googling for what they do.

What We Do for The Trades

We are driving revenue to trade shops and utility business owners. Companies in our Database are provided buyers needs list and their contact info


Welcome to, the eCommerce address of the Online Guide to Black Boston for residents and visitors 311 platforms. We complement your ongoing advertising plans and offer access to our diverse, lucrative readership.

Individuals and companies are invited to advertise. You can feature your business profile, boost the visibility of products or services and recruit talent.

Advertising service types

  • List Job openings with the description and job board links
  • Arrange event coverage and writing the feature
  • Display camera-ready ad work and user-generated material
  • Emailing service
  • Research Study volunteer recruitment
  • Sponsored content posting
  • Support for multimedia and flexible space
  • Customer service help desk
  • Text listings.
  • SMS marketing tool

We list free and paid workshops and webinars, conferences and meetups, and we offer research study recruitment campaigns for research study authors who are looking to enroll volunteers who are Black, African American or minority.

AboutBlackBostonOnline has effective Google search engine rankings. Advertisers may email material to CONTACT@BLACKBOSTON.COM and pay online here.

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